Track transport

Making the stunning local scenery more accessible

Transport is available year round, but reservations are essential and the boat is weather dependent.


Routeburn Track

Adults $27 | Children $17


Minimum 2 people - Approx 20 mins

Greenstone/Caples Tracks

Adults $22 | Children $12


Minimum 2 people - Approx 20 mins

Rees/Dart Tracks

Adults and Children $52pp

Kinloch to Rees9am - 9.45am
Rees to Kinloch10am - 12.35pm
Kinloch to Dart12.15pm - 2pm
Dart to Kinloch2pm - 2.35pm

Minimum 3 people

Times in green are the winter schedule.

**Boat to/from Glenorchy and Info & Track bus to/from Routeburn - Adults $40, Children $35, approx 40mins. The 12.15pm trip has an hour wait in Glenorchy. Only available until 23rd April 2019.

Rees/Dart transfers include our boat to/from Glenorchy and a 3rd party bus to/from tracks. The 10am trip has a 2hr wait in Glenorchy, the 12.15pm trip has a 50min wait. You can leave bags at The Trading Post in Glenorchy.


Advance Purchase Options!


Reduced rates available up to 7 days before the date of booking. Payment must be made at the time of booking and is non-refundable and non-changeable, minimum of 2 required.

Kinloch to/from Routeburn (9.30/10am only) - Only $18 per adult, $16 per child

Kinloch to/from Greenstone/Caples (11.30am/12pm only) - Only $15 per adult, $13 per child

SAVE UP TO $9 per person


Through Fare Options

Routeburn to Greenstone - Adults $49, Children $29
Depart Routeburn at 10am, enjoy 1hr at Kinloch for coffee and cakes/charge devices/dry gear, depart Kinloch at 11.30am and be walking again by 12pm

Greenstone to Routeburn - Adults $59, Children $49
Depart Greenstone at 12pm, then hop on the boat to Glenorchy, spend an hour exploring the village or having lunch (bags can be left at The Trading Post) and depart Glenorchy at 1.30pm to be walking again by 2pm

Greenstone to Routeburn - Adults $49, Children $29
Depart Greenstone at 12pm, enjoy 3.5hrs at Kinloch for some lunch or treats, a well deserved drink, time to charge devices/dry gear, then depart Kinloch at 4pm, walking by 4.30pm


Booking conditions
Boat services are subject to weather and need to be re-confirmed an hour prior to departure on 03 4424900. In the case of adverse weather conditions we will try to accommodate you with alternative services at the same or similar price, though this is not guaranteed and is subject to driver and vehicle availability.

All transfers are subject to 24 hour cancellation policy and will be charged in full.