Local, fresh, delicious...

We're blessed to live in a region packed with amazing local foods, from the rich soil of the Marlborough Sounds to the vast Canterbury Plains to Otago's diverse topologies and Southland's verdant pastures. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment and source everything as locally and sustainably as possible.

Meat and fish

We source lamb from the nearby Cardrona valleys, where the sheep are free to roam in their origins, feeding on native grasses and herbs. This results in a lean, tender meat from farmers aiming to provide the most sustainable, high quality lamb in the country.

Wild red deer is sourced from remote South Island high country stations, DOC administered forests and mountains to create our venison stew. The hunters help to control the population of this introduced species while offering a meat with exceptional nutritional value, free from anything artificial.

Our sustainable salmon has spent its life in the Antarctic Ocean by Stewart Island and is harvested using no handling, before being processed in Invercargill.

Produce & dairy

There are dairy farms dotted from here to the sea producing world class cheeses used in many of our dishes.

Many of the seasonal vegetables come straight from our organic garden including winter greens, crispy salad, and much more. Locally grown watercress and miners thyme feature in addition to free-range eggs, provided courtesy of the chickens that wander the land around Kinloch.

A range of bread is home-baked each morning including dark rye, healthy wholemeal and crispy ciabatta, with gluten-free options available.


Our water gives us the best tasting coffee in the district. Taken from Lake Wakatipu where the glacial fed waters of the Dart River enter, our water supply is filtered and UV treated to meet all the required standards without affecting the wonderful taste. Local vineyards and craft brew masters fill our bar with award-winning wines and boutique beers.

We take special care to create a regional cuisine that matches the quality of produce that arrives at our door each day and reflects the heritage and environment of Kinloch. Have a look at the menu to see what we're cooking today and come celebrate this bounty with us.