What can we do with our car while we hike?

You are welcome to leave your car with us while you hit the trails, or we can arrange a relocation so your vehicle is waiting for you at the other end of the Routeburn track - prices start from $225.

Can we leave luggage with you?

Yes, we have luggage storage that can only be accessed with a member of staff. Free of charge if staying at Kinloch, otherwise $1 per day.

Do you hire any gear for hiking?

No, we don't, but we recommend Info & Track in Queenstown - https://www.infotrack.co.nz/

How long does it take to drive to Kinloch?

It's 74kms from Queenstown and takes about 1-1.5hrs, depending on how many times you want to pull over and take photos!

What are the roads like?

The road from Queenstown to Glenorchy is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. The road is completely sealed to Glenorchy and on to the Dart River bridge. After the bridge the last 9kms are unsealed gravel but suitable for all vehicle types. You can leave your car in Glenorchy and take the boat to Kinloch if you find you're unable/unwilling to drive on the gravel (subject to weather).

How do I get to Kinloch if I don't have a car?

There are regular scheduled buses from Queenstown to Glenorchy that require a minimum of 2 to run. In the summer season there are buses from Queenstown to Kinloch.

If coming from the airport we can arrange a pickup for you or you can take the public bus or taxi into Queenstown to meet the scheduled buses.

From Glenorchy we can transport you by boat to Kinloch, or by vehicle if the weather prevents us from using the boat.

Please contact us for help arranging your transport.

How often does the boat transfer run?

The boat is weather dependent and runs as follows:

Departs Glenorchy - 9am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm & 6pm

Departs Kinloch - 9.15am, 12.15pm, 2.15pm, 5.45pm & as needed after dinner service

Charter boats can be arranged on request.

What can I do if I don't have a car in Kinloch?

There are so many options!

Hire a bike and enjoy the local scenery - Glenorchy is 26kms away and you could return via boat

Glacier burn hike starts 3kms from the lodge, an easy walk down the road and then a 2-4hr hike

Lake Rere and the Greenstone/Caples tracks start 12kms from the lodge

Use our track transport to explore the start of the Routeburn track

Kayak on the lake with one of our tours during the warmer months

Use our boat transfers to explore Glenorchy where there are a few shops and the gorgeous lagoon walk

Enjoy delicious food and drinks in our restaurant offering hearty meals as well as options for treats

Explore the lake front and beach area - you can even have a bonfire with the driftwood

Hire a fishing rod and see if you can catch your dinner

Relax and enjoy the hot tub with a view

Watch movies in the TV room with free popcorn

Find a new read in the book exchange

Meet new people in the various common areas and play one of the board games available

If you'd like to do any of the local activities such as horse riding, jet boats, scenic flights etc. we can arrange transport for you

If I want to bring my pet what are my options?

We love furry friends but out of respect for those allergic to them we do not permit them inside the property. They are welcome on the grounds and out the front of the restaurant. At night you can put them in your car or in a dog house if you have one you can bring.

What is the deal with Wifi?

We offer free wifi for an hour, after that it's $5 for 24hrs.

Do I really have to book for dinner?

Our location is remote and therefore we need to plan carefully for dinner. Each evening meal is especially crafted and prepared that day with fresh ingredients Please book your dinner at time of reservation, or email or call us by 4pm on the day. We have a limited bar snacks menu outside of dinner service while our bar is operating.

Please note that during winter the restaurant may be closed by 6pm if we have no reservations.

How environmentally friendly are you?

We try very hard to reduce our impact on the beautiful environment around us. We are constantly striving to improve our practices and the below is currently in place:

Electric vehicle for track transfers

Tesla charging point at Kinloch and Glenorchy for other electric vehicles

Water is pumped from the lake and filtered for use all over the site

Food waste goes to the chickens, who then provide our eggs

Our organic vegetable garden supplies our restaurant

All food is sourced as locally and sustainably as possible

Cleaning products are environmentally friendly and chemical free

Laundry is line dried unless the weather prevents us from doing so

What is provided in the rooms at Kinloch?

We provide all linens, towels, hot water bottles, blankets, a heater, ample plug sockets, bedside tables and lamps, a chair or sofa, as well as a compendium of local information. The bathrooms have hairdryers and toiletries.

Can I camp at Kinloch Lodge?

There's a DOC campground in front of the lodge. No reservations are needed, it's first come first served. There's a long drop toilet and Lake Wakatipu is your water source.

If I camp, can I use the facilities?

Everyone is welcome in our restaurant to enjoy our offerings. We do have separate showers campers can use for a fee, these are situated near the restaurant and are available between 8 and 10am each morning. The rest of the site is for the exclusive use of our in-house guests.

Can my friends whom are camping use the Kinloch Lodge facilities?

They are welcome to join you in the restaurant but the rest of the site is for paying guests only.

What happens if I can't make my reservation due to problems with the road to Glenorchy?

If the Glenorchy road is closed we will, where possible, offer safe alternative ways of getting here. These may include boat transfers, 4WD transfers from a given point or alternative times for arrival in the case of problems with the Glenorchy road. Where we are unable to offer an alternative cancellations can be made without cost.

Is there a supermarket nearby?

We have a small shop on site but recommend shopping in Queenstown before coming up so you have a wide choice of goods. Countdown now deliver groceries to Glenorchy on Wednesdays and Fridays and we can arrange delivery from there to Kinloch.

Are there sandflies?

Like all the beautiful places on the West coast of the South Island we share our environment with sandflies. Please remember to bring your insect repellent with you however if you don't have any we do also sell our favourite brands.
Our best advice during your stay is to:
a. Cover yourselves in Insect repellent first thing in the morning on any exposed skin - including fingers and toes! Our favourite brands include the natural Goodbye Sandfly is totally natural and the non-toxic Skin Technology Picaradin.
b. Wear light colours and cover any skin not treated with repellent with long sleeves, trousers and socks
c. Dine on lots of garlic and vegemite.
d. If you are lucky enough, surround yourself with a band of penguins - much more delicious for sandflies than humans and terribly cute, though not normally found in the Wakatipu region.

Are there any jobs at Kinloch Lodge?

Working at Kinloch is a fantastic opportunity for people into walking, kayaking and active living. We fully believe in the philosophy of "Work Hard, Play Hard" and are committed to ensuring our staff, as well as our guests, enjoy every minute of their stay in Kinloch.

The sort of staff member that will fit in well at Kinloch will be independently motivated and work well in a team environment. Must have a "Can Do" attitude and be willing to pitch in wherever needed. They will enjoy living life to the fullest and sharing this joy with guests through friendly and efficient service.

The summer season at Kinloch is from mid November to Easter and we start to interview people around September. We place adverts on a variety of job sites.

We welcome applications for seasonal posts from experienced individuals or couples in the following areas, many of which can be brought together to build up your earning potential:

• Housekeeping
• Café / Barista
• Chef / cook
• Kayak guide
• Shuttle driver (P class licence required)

At all times of the year we employ casual staff to help with the peaks and troughs of the business with gardening, cleaning, painting and maintenance. We offer accommodation at a bunk rate per day and excellent staff meals @ $20 per day. Our casual staff need to have a working holiday visa or be able to work in New Zealand, have an IRD number and agree to sign a casual contract prior to starting. Please contact us if you are interested in this opportunity: kinlochlodgehr@gmail.com

Kinloch is a remote Wilderness location and is therefore not suited to people that need to depend on cafes, shops, bars etc.